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No commitment options are available Coaching and noncoaching options are available Upfront options are available for 3, 6, and 12 months saving you $$$ No admin or joining fees Memberships range from as little as $25 a week Get in touch for more information Breakthrough is the largest powerlifting facility in Sydney. Located in the heart of Western Sydney, housing 10 combo racks, 4 monolifts, 7 deadlift platforms. We have brands such as Eleiko, Rogue, Valkyrie and Goliath with an endless supply of calibrated plates and collars.

We have amazing and friendly powerlifting coaches

Our coaches are able to create detailed and structured programs suited to your shape and leverages.

Wether you want face-to-face or online coaching, we have all your powerlifting needs.

Our Powerlifting membership gives you access to our fully equipped gym area for all your accessory needs.

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