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As a competitive, combative sport, boxing requires keen athleticism. You would need to have excellent hand-eye coordination, agility, strength and endurance, among other things. At BT Fitness, our boxing Auburn trainers can teach anyone these skills. We conduct classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Core and Upper Body Definition

Boxing develops your core and upper body as well as coordination and agility. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and balance to punch and kick while jumping around. In addition, boxing boosts stamina and endurance, two traits that are highly desired in any athletic activity.

When formatted as a workout program, you get all the benefits of the sport minus the drawbacks of injury and disfigurement. Our pro Auburn boxing trainers at BT Fitness will be able to give you fitness tips and workout plans to give you the most out of your experience.

Beat The Stress

Boxing, as with most forms of exercise, releases feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. Widely regarded as nature’s painkillers, endorphins activate receptors in the brain that reduces feelings of discomfort while amplifying positive emotions. The dual effect effectively minimises stress and maximises your enjoyment as you throw some punches.

Also, nothing quite matches the satisfaction of taking out your stress on a physical activity. After all, what other exercise lets you take out your frustrations on an actual punching bag? As you push yourself while practicing your punching moves, your mental capacity for worrying goes out the window.

Increase Muscle Mass

All in all, boxing is ideal for those looking to improve their body composition. Building up muscle and shedding off fat is a simple equation for losing weight and looking toned. What makes boxing an ideal workout for people who desire to trim off the excess baggage is that it develops muscle mass, and cardio moves burning calories.

If you want to improve your health with regular boxing workouts, sign up for a boxing Auburn membership at BT Fitness today. You can also purchase your boxing gloves from us. Call (02) 9637 8815 for more information.


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