Young Guns Program

Why not enrol your kids into Breakthrough Fitness’ health and fitness program for youngsters? We offer a tailored program for children aged 6-17 years on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 4:30pm for only $19.95 per week. We offer a kids athletic program as well as kickboxing classes  which will help improve their overall fitness and self confidence.

Improve health and fitness 

Your kids will love our young guns program! It is a way for them to stay fit, active and meet new friends in a friendly and safe environment. Our trainers put together a challenging program – they will never do the same workout twice! It will keep your kids bodies working and minds guessing. We combine a combination of circuit style, strength, boxing and team sports into the workout to keep everyone entertained and having fun.

Are your kids ready to become members?  Call (02) 9637 8815 or email today.

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