Looking to find a workout that can strengthen your body and relax your mind at the same time? Yoga fits the bill perfectly. No experience required, all that you need to have with you is a yoga matwhich we can supply you with if you forget yours. Yoga is characterised by a series of postures and movements that serves to enhance physical and mental health. Unlike other workouts that provide adrenaline rush and encourage aggression, yoga’s approach to fitness is all about focus, tranquility and introspection.

At BT Fitness in Sydney, we specialise in several disciplines to suit the varying workout needs of our customers. Our sessions include yoga classes for beginners as well as advanced yoga goers.  In general, yoga poses are classified into categories such as:

  • Core poses
  • Standing poses
  • Seating poses
  • Balancing poses
  • Restorative poses
  • Upside down poses
  • Forward bends
  • Back bends
  • Side bends

Hatha Vinyasa

BT Fitness is one of the few facilities in Sydney offering Hatha Vinyasa. A contemporary style of yoga, Hatha Vinyasa combines two different disciplines. We hold poses to build strength and body awareness (Hatha), and move with breath to strengthen the connection between body and breathing (Vinyasa).

Each practice is comprised of a series of poses and postures complemented by breathing techniques (Pranayama). Our yoga teacher structures classes in such a way that the transition from one pose to another is seamless. To round it out, we integrate meditation to achieve balance.

Unlike other yoga disciplines that focus on structure and rigidity, Hatha Vinyasa classes vary every time you participate. For those who are not too fond of routines and prefer variation, this is the class for you.

Feel Revitalised and Energised with Yoga

Experience real results and uplift your mind, body and spirit with yoga classes at BT Fitness. Perhaps some meditation and calmness is exactly what you need. Give us a call today to know more about schedules and fees. Send us an email at or leave a message on our website contact form if you have questions on yoga. We’ll reply to you as soon as we can.

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