Strength and Conditioning

Implementing BT Fitness principles, we strive to build a program that can fully prepare amateur and professional athletes. Our competent coaches enhance individual performance through a detailed exercise plan. To monitor progress, we make regular assessment that help us tailor the way we train clients as we go along the way. Rest assured that our strength and conditioning trainers are the best in the business. With their supervision, you can be at the top of your game.

When you enter our facility, you won’t be standing around waiting for equipment to be available. BT Fitness boasts a total of 18 platforms that members can use at any given time. We are all about helping you strengthen and condition your body at a time that fits your schedule.

Boss-Worthy Group Classes

Our strength and conditioning class goes beyond just lifting weights. To effectively optimise performance, we focus on the complete physical development of each individual. Everything from endurance to speed and balance are tested. With increased intensity and targeted techniques, you can alter your entire physique and body composition.

The Barbell Club

For those who are really serious about weightlifting and powerlifting, BT Fitness has just created a new program, “The Barbell Club.” Our professional trainers dedicate themselves to delivering real results for our clients. They will devote their time and energy in monitoring technique and tracking progress for each individual. When you join the class, expect to gain maximum benefits and reach your goals. Classes are held every Monday to Thursday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Want to challenge yourself even further? You can sign up for our other group classes. We offer beginner and advanced programs for kickboxing, yoga and CrossFit. Get in touch with our team today on or call (02) 9637 8815.

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